ScrapGuide is an app, which is made for players of Scrap Mechanic. I’m working on this app since the release of the survival mode (May 2020). I’m only working on this in my spare time and I’m constantly learning new things about Android and Java. 

Since I have set up a feedback option in the app I regularly receive ideas for new features.  So I decided to make a roadmap visible for everybody. Here it is.



Improved Items Menu

Replace current dialog with BottomSheet dialog and improve overall user experience by adding filter options, items backstack and improving the filter chips

Locations Update and Platform Updates

Update the Locations menu and replace the current dialog with BottomSheet dialogs. Optimize the database behind that menu. Target Android version 12 and optimize for it.

If you have an idea, which you think would fit great into the app and is not listed yet please send it to me and I will see how I can implement it. The more people suggest a feature the higher I will prioritize it.


The app is developed in english and it features translations for multiple languages. As I cannot translate everything for myself and I don’t want to use Google Translate, because it may sound odd, I went with crowd translation. Everybody can sign up for free and help translate the app.  I always need more people for the translations, because not every language is fully translated yet. Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the translations!


The download is free and the app is free of ads. If you like the app please leave a review. If you however don’t like the app please contact me and I will do my best to help you out.

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